The Mistakes That Drain Your Web Traffic

Most companies with online presence nowadays invest heavily in search engine optimization to ensure that their websites rank at the top of search results. In most cases, thanks to the hiring of professionals, websites thrive as a result, but there still remain a number of websites that – despite all efforts to the contrary – flop spectacularly at attracting any kind of audience. What is the reason for this? It might just be a case of priorities gone wrong. Below is a list of the most common mistakes when it comes to search engine optimization:

  • Improper usage of keywords – the first step to any SEO optimisation campaign is to take a look at the keywords used. The mistake your website can make when it comes to this is to simply capitalize on the wrong keywords. This means that even if you take the time to carefully incorporate the keywords you decided upon into the images, into the text, into the titles, etc. it will be all in vain if the keywords themselves are simply the wrong ones for the purpose. Make use of one of the many websites that look at keywords and understand which keyword best suits your website. The replacement of even a single word can have a large impact on the overall ranking of your website. When selecting keywords, make sure to properly check how often they are used, and how competitors use them.
  • Saturating your web content with keywords – when it comes to using your keywords, there is another basic mistake that is the result of old seo search engine optimisation strategies. This is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and is basically the practice of inserting your keywords as much as possible into the text of your web pages. Search engines are very strict when it comes to such practices, and it can result in your websites ultimately being penalized. Avoid using your keywords too much – not only can it annoy your readers, but it can also negatively impact the rankings of your website.
  • Wrong use of links – one of the most important strategies of search engine optimization campaigns is to carefully include hyperlinks, both inbound and outbound. A good website capitalizes on links to promote its image as a reputable website. The mistake that you can do when it comes to using links to improving your website’s standings is simply the same as with overstuffing keywords: too many links can make your website look more like an encyclopaedia and less like a legitimate website. Use hyperlinks to link related web pages and websites, not simply to have every word of your post with a blue font and underlining. For more information, please click here.